Two lamps, one light switch



  • Two different lights in the kitchen, One soft light and one “Work light”
  • There is no way to add another switch
  • Your better half wants to be able to toggle between the two lights,


A Pic project of course!

i culd only get 12volt relays this is sub-optimal  since i need to get 12volt for hte relays and 5 volt for the controller,

But i have a car usb charger that will do the 12 to 5 volts so it wont cost me annything





A Micro controller will toggle between hard and soft lighting in the kitchen, If you flip the switch once it will go to Hard light, But with one toggle it will go to soft light,

Testing without the relays

Testing with the relays

Made a cutout that has the same size as the lamp and hot glued everything on to it

Image of the cutout

Mounted it in the lamp base

So everything worked and everyone is happy




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