Björn Leidzen

May 062012

I finally got a replacement part for the cnc machine.

Sadly this did not completely fix the issues the machine is having.

I’m going to have to resort to more detective work in the near future as always time is the limiting factor

During all this I’m trying to find a good way for an project start to finish

its Idea -> Paper -> Dip-trace -> Line Grinder -> mach3 For the PCB

its Idea -> Solidworks -> Master-cam -> Mach3 for physical objects

I got most of this working now,

I’m building a Thermometer just to try the process

I’m at the Dip trace  stadium now and i’m hacking together the code


Will Post files when its something worth posting.




Apr 042012

I bought a CNC.

other than that my hobby is moving along in a slow pace due to kiddo getting older and getting more of my time

I’m working on a outside/inside thermometer will be an excellent test for the cnc to make some circuit board and casing




Dec 012011

All the electrical schematics  for the boat has basically been kept in my head.

This has never been a problem before, But I’m coming up on the fifth revision and im starting to mix them up. So time to do the work and get the schematics on to eagle.

This is the first revision of the Electronic speed controller (Ecs). The labels don’t show on the print, don’t know why.

The esc

I’m doing the other board to while trying a sort of ardouino aproch to it and keeping it in modules to easy be able to uppgrade or repair sigle parts.


Nov 282011

I’m dreaming of my own Cnc


A cnc has never been so cheap, Granted this is not that powerful. But if your not in a hurry you can mill almost anything in this machine. I’m really trying to Find a way(economically and practically) that makes me own one of these sweet little  factory on a desk.

As it it now i’m so limited of what i can make, hardware wise.



Nov 162011

I finally managed to take the boat out for a test drive.

I must say I’m not that impressed so far; the boat does not stay true when steering and the controls feels uneven for left and right. I might also have fucked up a bit and managed to get the boat stuck not once but twice, leaving me no choice but to go after it.

I will decide what to do with the boat during the next few days.


Nov 092011

Got the boat today.

The  package was in extremely bad shape so my hopes was pretty low, but the people over at nitrotek  made a good job packaging it  and the boat was safe underneath a  “boatload”  of padding.


I will try to run the boat in a local lake tomorrow if I get the time.

I’ve started looking into the hardware of the boat. It’s a simplistic TX/RX solution based on TX-2  from Silan Microelectronics, so it’s Full Right/Left or Full throttle forward. Looks to be running at  a 3,3v level, so overriding the commands will be easypeasy.

While trying some overrides, I caused a small fire on the board but this was easily fixed later on. The best part with the board being so “pre 2000” is that it’s easy to repair if you’re a “do first and think later”-kind of guy like me.

Don’t think I will mount any of my own  logic on the boat today. I want to see it run at least once.



Nov 062011

We’ll be moving back to work on the boat again.

I’ve been looking for a used rc boat to prototype on, but the market for used, cheap rc boats here is almost non existent. Therfore I decided to buy a new, cheep one. Found this boat on forum.

The best part of this boat is that it’s big. It’s a full meter long = Loads of space to build on.

I’m hoping for this to arive the coming week,

I will write more on the boat when I get my hands on it.


Oct 262011

Putting all the pieces together.

First test

After I made sure it worked, I hot glued every part onto a plastic cutout the same size as the lamp, so it would fit snuggly in the lamp.

Image of the cutout


Put everything back up behind the lamp, took a life insurance and flipped the switch.

I’m most pleased with the result