Jun 272014

Started working on a small project to learn more about manufacturing pcb’s and SMPC’s (switch mode power converters)

Its a driver for LED’s in toy cars. It drives 2 white LED’s @ +5Volts from a coin cell battery down to 2.5 volts.

The code will auto detect what type of led is connected and drive it with around 1 mA witch sound like nothing but its perfectly visible. it can drive red LEDs with real low Forward voltage to but then it bypasses the SMPC and uses a simple Resistor to drop the voltage .

Front two white LED’s and rear 2 red LED’s

A button allows the LED intensity to be changed

DSC_0004 DSC_0005


brd ch




Jun 272014
Pic of awsome tricopter

wiring not done


After a period of hectic paid work i have started to move the tricopter along.

Working on the video-link for fpv flight, it works now but i have alot of  cable management left to do.
alotI have crashed  the tricopter a few times and had a car run it over so this is is more like a third version than the one i started building,