Nov 092011

Got the boat today.

The  package was in extremely bad shape so my hopes was pretty low, but the people over at nitrotek  made a good job packaging it  and the boat was safe underneath a  “boatload”  of padding.


I will try to run the boat in a local lake tomorrow if I get the time.

I’ve started looking into the hardware of the boat. It’s a simplistic TX/RX solution based on TX-2  from Silan Microelectronics, so it’s Full Right/Left or Full throttle forward. Looks to be running at  a 3,3v level, so overriding the commands will be easypeasy.

While trying some overrides, I caused a small fire on the board but this was easily fixed later on. The best part with the board being so “pre 2000” is that it’s easy to repair if you’re a “do first and think later”-kind of guy like me.

Don’t think I will mount any of my own  logic on the boat today. I want to see it run at least once.



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