Jan 032016

I started making a little toy to have some fun with people living on my street.

it will be the ghost boo from super mario. the idéa is to have it “chase” people if they are walking away and freeze in place if they stop walking.

Cad will be done in fusion 360 scripting in python and the esp will be running NodeMCU.








Oct 072014

Started some work on a linked bed light.

Will be based on a PIC microprocessor and the NRF24101

It’s not done yet but the pieces are failing together.

Here is some random photos from the ongoing work









Jun 272014

Started working on a small project to learn more about manufacturing pcb’s and SMPC’s (switch mode power converters)

Its a driver for LED’s in toy cars. It drives 2 white LED’s @ +5Volts from a coin cell battery down to 2.5 volts.

The code will auto detect what type of led is connected and drive it with around 1 mA witch sound like nothing but its perfectly visible. it can drive red LEDs with real low Forward voltage to but then it bypasses the SMPC and uses a simple Resistor to drop the voltage .

Front two white LED’s and rear 2 red LED’s

A button allows the LED intensity to be changed

DSC_0004 DSC_0005


brd ch




Jun 272014
Pic of awsome tricopter

wiring not done


After a period of hectic paid work i have started to move the tricopter along.

Working on the video-link for fpv flight, it works now but i have alot of  cable management left to do.
alotI have crashed  the tricopter a few times and had a car run it over so this is is more like a third version than the one i started building,

Dec 072013

This is a work in progress i’ts purpose is to test the repeatability of the IMU Mounted in its rear.

One fatal flaw in this design it the lack of the last Euler angle Roll. This was a oversight that cost me a lot of grief down the road.

Lesson learned! Think long and hard when you build a rig to simulate something.

WP_20130906_003 WP_20130906_002



Oct 072013

New Tool

It tool the better part of a weekend to put together and a  few more days and mods to get it to print ABS nicely.

but now i have a really nice 3D printer and heated build chamber. i feel really lucky to have a such understanding wife =)



May 172013

This time the x axis has developed a big backlash.

I must say this is a bit frustrating in that i have never worked on anything harder than plywood.WP_20130426_003




This does not bode well for when i start milling aluminium.  I hope to have it repaired within a few days.



On the down time i have been playing some ARMA 2

And i made this clip-on for my headphones, It works with free tracker http://www.free-track.net/english/ It works fine in the dark but i should really use some ir leds and a daylight filter on my webcam., Time for that later!


Oct 082012

Time for hobby have been scarce with the lady being away 12 hours a day leaving me with the kid.

i bought an old bike and i will try to rebuild it this winter i should have a bit more free time.

the bike now

i am hoping to get it looking a bit meeaer

the bike after

I will need to learn how to weld wich is kind of the idea with the whole thing